Best Of Soundgarden (Redux) (Yellow Vinyl)


A1 Freedom Hawk– Loud Love
A2 Heavy Temple– Ugly Truth
A3 High Desert Queen– Slaves And Bulldozers
B1 Witch Ripper– Rusty Cage
B2 Mirakler– Birth Ritual
B3 Miss Lava– Burden In My Hand
B4 Sun Crow– Toy Box
C1 Spotlights – Jesus Christ Pose
C2 Swamp Coffin– Nothing To Say
C3 Milana – Outshined
C4 Josiah – Applebite
D1 Lamassu– Searching With My Good Eye Closed
D2 Blue Heron – Uncovered
D3 Dendrites – Tighter And Tighter
D4 Restless Spirit – Room A Thousand Years Wide


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