Yesterday Ost.



รหัสสินค้า: 02-INT-YESTERDAY OST หมวดหมู่: , ,


180 Gram Vinyl Record 2LP / Label: Universal


LP 1

Side A:

1. Yesterday (From The Film ‘Yesterday’)

2. The World Is Universal (Universal Fanfare)

3. Summer Song (From The Film ‘Yesterday’)

4. Interlude I: A Day In The Life

5. I Saw Her Standing There (Tracks On The Tracks Sessions)

6. Something (From The Album ‘One Man Only’)

7. Let It Be (From The Album ‘One Man Only’)

8. Interlude II: Strawberries

9. Carry That Weight (From The Film ‘Yesterday’)

Side B:

1. Here Comes The Sun (From The Album ‘One Man Only’)

2. The Long & Winding Road (Recorded Backstage)

3. Interlude III: Gorleston Beach

4. Help! (Live At Pier Hotel)

5. Yesterday (From The Album ‘One Man Only’)

6. She Loves You (Tracks On The Tracks Sessions)

7. A Hard Day’s Night (From The Album ‘One Man Only’)

LP 2

Side C:

1. Something (From The Film ‘Yesterday’)

2. In My Life (From The Album ‘One Man Only’)

3. Interlude IV: Train Tracks

4. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Tracks On The Tracks Sessions)

5. Back In The USSR (Live At Wembley)

6. All You Need Is Love (Live At Wembley)

7. Interlude V: Yesterday’s Rain

Side D:

1. The Long & Winding Road (From The Album ‘One Man Only’)

2. Hey Jude (From The Album ‘One Man Only’)

3. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Live At Cleves School)

4. Interlude VI: Life Goes On



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